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Using our service you can wisely invest your money in sport betting and beat the market. We provide you means to make a profit. Completely free of charge!


Basic functionalities of the service

Our team of experienced experts analyzes daily offers from the market. With the additional edge that we have by getting valued updates from trusted insider sources like injuries or other related information that is important toward an encounter (which in many cases are not revealed by the clubs), increases our chances mathematically to end up on the winning side.

All the sport betting predictions are sent through Click2Win app. Your part is to place the wager and the job is done. It’s that simple.



The Click2Win service is intended for disciplined users who are ready to follow instructions and rules.
Don’t gamble, make money planning!
If you’re still concerned check out FAQ and don’t hesitate to contact us.

App functionalities

Screen flow from the beginning
  • Account registration

    Account registration

    Sign up with your email or use your Google / Facebook profile

  • Active predictions

    Active predictions

    Real time updated sport betting predictions. Check active, pending or graded ones.

  • Prediction details

    Prediction details

    Take a look at details. See the bet, odd and stake. Place the bet.

  • Pending bets

    Pending bets

    All bets you are waiting for outcome are listed in one place.

  • Outcomes


    All graded bets are listed. Our approach is fully transparent.

  • Statistics


    Take a look at your personal or general service stats. All information available.

  • Navigation menu

    Navigation menu

    Easy access to all Click2Win features. Explore and enjoy.

  • Push notifications

    Push notifications

    For each new released sport betting predictions you’ll receive push notification in order don’t miss any important information

  • Recent info

    Recent info

    If you are missed any notification sent by us, you can read it later on.

  • Contact us

    Contact us

    If you have any question, idea or complaint, fill the form in app and send it.


No hidden costs. Click2Win is really for free. If you have any doubt we would like to present you our expertise. Register for your account and take your chance to check what we are doing. Our predictions and stats are fully transparent, so it will be easy for you to find out whether this is a real premium service or another internet fraud.


We guarantee success only to players who are disciplined to follow the plan.
To begin successful betting, it is necessarily to define basic parameters such a bankroll and unit value.
There is no secret, sport betting is long term investment. This is not gambling for people who wants to make fast earnings. What you need is patience, discipline and perseverance.
Each prediction is provided with a stake indication measured in units, by default: 6, 7, 8, 9 and 25 units.
The higher stake value, the higher the probability of winning.
Contact us for free consultation. Based on provided information
and your bankroll we’ll provide you with suggested unbeatable stake plan.

Click2Win statistics

If you are sport lover but also sport bettor, these facts should convince you to enjoy sports without stress while your yield grows!

  • 77.54

  • 23.57

  • 25

    Total bets
  • 14

  • 1

  • 10


Why Click2Win?

Unbeatable quality of service for free
  • Feel good in your skin

    Be among winners using our knowledge and experience. Beat market with the right info

  • Use the plan to achieve goal

    Do you have a plan how to invest? We have it for you. Just follow us

  • Save your time

    Do not research yourself. We'll do it for you. Just wait and see our forecasts and place your bet

  • Additional income

    Choose the mode; Define goals. Play and invest, create new source of your regular income

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