Our prediction where we choose to invest in.

All predictions (odds) posted on Click2-Win is from Pinnacle —> a Bookmaker who doesn’t limit a profitable sports bettor.


Medium Stakes (predictions of 6 and 7 units)

– it’s often prediction where we find huge value in

– often very good pay outs as the price is bit higher


Medium Stakes Plus (predictions of 8 units)

– this is the units number that can be used as a flat stake

– bit stronger that 6 and 7 units where the price more in the range of 1.90


Top Info Selection (predictions of 9 units)

– this is a category where we have good info in and thanks to that advantage we are getting the edge on the market

– strong bets with great pay outs


Full Stakes (predictions 10 units)

– as you can read on the name this category where our long term goals is to hit 6 of 10 prediction

– this is of course a very profitable category where we choose strong prediction and where we have a big edge on the market

– very good pay outs


Pocket Filler (predictions of 15 units)

– our long term goal is to hit 7 of 10

– so far we have been very profitable in this area with over 75 units in profit per 10 predication made

– this category is something extra where we offer our members prediction so good, they ”fill their pockets”


Game of the Year (predictions of 20 units)

– our ”creme de la creme” with huge payouts

– our long term goals is to hit 8 of 10 GOTY prediction

– this category bets doesn’t come that often but when we post them, be prepared because you chance of winning is BIG!

* When this is written we have 35 wins and 6 losses, 540 units in profit with 249%


February 15, 2017


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