Everything starts in your head


Everything starts in your head

To be negative, to worry you and to live the “what if” and “should have” philosophies is much more exhausting.
But thinking positive is not so easy. It has a lot to do with analyzing yourself.

In order to be able to live up to a positive attitude, one must also know one’s own weaknesses and stand by them. A fact that requires a lot of overcoming and self-confidence. Nevertheless, every human being can do it, and so can you.

It is important to work on it step by step and not to give up. Positive thinking means living in the present, and will not only lighten your life, but also the mood of the people around you.


Attitude is everything

Attitude is the lens through which you look at reality. It shapes your life. Look at your own attitude very accurately and honestly. Are you pessimistic? Do you veil everything in fear or indifference? Is your everyday life characterized by envy, ridicule, blasphemy and contempt? Then you clearly have the wrong attitude towards life! As Plato once said, “envy is aimed at shrinking others in the hope of upgrading themselves.”
How will your life change if you change your attitude?


Treat people with kindness and respect

Every single person you meet should be valued and treated with courtesy. You have to realize that they all have feelings and their own view of life. This may differ from yours but is just as valid. Respect for other people also has a positive effect on your own self-esteem.


Avoid comparisons

Whether you look down on people who have no specific strengths, or look up to people who have more experience, or accomplished more than you. Constantly comparing yourself with others shifts your focus to the others rather than what you can what you want and what you are good at. Also, avoid comparing your friends, children, etc. with others. If we want to improve something, we have to begin inside the person and focus only on the person. What others do or do not do only affects the others!


Take responsibility for your work, your actions and your life

Do not shirk responsibility and do not make excuses. But on the contrary. Take responsibility, make a mistake, fix it and learn from it. Do not handle a mistake and do not stick to the past. Live today, in the here and now.

Valuable principles for your way to success


Valuable principles for your way to success

Probably the most important factors in your path to success are your views on you, your will and your abilities. Let’s call it spontaneously “the law of belief in success”.
It simply means the following: “Whatever you believe intensely, from the bottom of your heart, will one day become your reality”


What successful people believe in

Unsuccessful people tend to erase information that is inconsistent with their reality from memory. Successful people do not do that because they believe 100% that they have the ability to succeed. They will never consider, think that they could fail. If so, then they are forging a plan B or C that will lead them to the goal if Plan A does not work.


Think positive vs. to know positively

You always act in accordance with your beliefs. The best belief system you can build is a kind of “prosperity awareness” in which you are absolutely sure that you will achieve your goals. I call that positive vs. think positive. Sometimes thinking positive or hoping can be positive. But being positive means that you are absolutely sure that you know the way to success.


The foundation of willpower

A principle related to your faith is the willpower. We know that willpower is necessary for any kind of success. Willpower is based on confidence. It is based on conviction. It is based on trust. It is based on your faith in your ability to overcome all obstacles.


Contrary to all odds, succeed in being successful

Remember that many people fail on their way to success. The only way to reach your goals is to take them seriously. You have to get started. You have to be active. You have to start. Remember, the best moment is always NOW!

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Everything starts in your head

To be negative, to worry you and to live the “what if” [more]


Valuable principles for your way to success

Probably the most important factors in your path to success are your [more]