The game starts, the court is all yours. Let’s spin and win! Welcome to the HWP world - a realm of a world-class sports, incentive game and
lifetime experience! 

We created a dynamic online community that brings together all sports enthusiasts. In the first place, we see ourselves as a liaison between pro athletes, young starts, amateurs and sport enthusiasts, qualified sport coaches and personal trainers, and all sort of experts from the sports arena. By connectting people who share the very same passion and sports spirit, we are enabling all individuals to achieve their own goals and dreams, and live happy and healthy lives.

So would you like to do something good and memorable for yourself, your kids, your family or dear friends? Do you crave for the ultimate adrenaline rush? Or you would love to test your playing skills against a professional athletes or coaches?

This is not wishful thinking any more!
Whether it is about finding a compatible partners, scheduling matches locally or globally, improving your technique, getting in shape or losing weight, you are in the right place at the right time! We are commited to a craft of distinctive tailor-made service to all our users, perfectly fitted to the personal preferences and demands. All you have to do is to join HWP sports community in just a few steps: create your account, find your favorite pro athlete, ideal match partner or coach, make a bid and  win!

HWP as a social network is based on the idea of auction sale, that is to say an enjoyable and exciting competion of attractive price offers for playing HITs or training sessions.

HWP is devoted to delivering value for money in its everyday work. It means everyone will obtain the maximum benefit for the best price within available resources. By promoting the concept of cost-effectiveness as one of our priorities we want you to know that the lifetime experience we offer you is well worth every penny spent on it.

We have partners from around the world, including many of the best players and coaches, and also we collaborate with a wide range of internationally renowned professional bodies such as the...

HWP is proudly presenting you its professional management and long-term solicitation practice. Our team is happy to share with you its expertise, its knowledge, excellence, know- how and joy for the sports.

So who are you playing next? Match with HWP!